Do Weight Loss Teas Work?

You probably have heard all about the effects of weight loss teas. From the fabled “Green” tea which currently enjoys great popularity to other, perhaps lesser known teas such as “Oolong”, “Pu-erh” or “White”. While all of these teas have their attributes, one thing that they share in common is the belief held by millions of people that they have weight loss properties.

Weight loss teas can help you lose the excess fat, improve the digestive process and even help you keep the weight off as well. There are a number of reasons why weight loss teas work and each of them has their own unique characteristics. But they do share a few things in common that can help you burn away the excess fat.

Here are 4 of the best weight loss teas that we recommend:

#1 KouTea

KouTea Weight Loss TeaKouTea is a blend of four different teas that helps people to lose weight naturally and safely. The four teas that make up KouTea consist of green tea, Oolong tea, Pu-erh tea and white tea. Each of these teas on their own can boost the metabolism, burn the fat and provide a number of healthy ingredients to the body.

Green tea is well known for providing antioxidants that help reduce the free radicals in the body that produce premature aging as well as provide vitamins and nutrients that boost the body’s metabolism and burn the fat. Oolong tea also works to burn the calories, burn the fat and provide a number of helpful vitamins as well.

Pu-erh tea helps promote weight loss and provides a boost to the cardiovascular system as well by lowering the cholesterol. White tea not only contributes to burning the fat, it also helps prevent new fat cells from forming. When combined, this tea amplifies the effects and creates a good tasting, potent tea that helps anyone to lose weight without having to change their lifestyle.

In addition to the helpful ingredients, Kou Tea is easy to make and only requires two cups each day to bring about all the effects promised. This makes KouTea simple to incorporate into your daily diet. While you don’t have to change your lifestyle, eating a healthy diet and exercising can amplify the effects.

Kou Tea is highly effective in helping almost anyone lose the excess pounds while being enjoyable to drink as well. KouTea is simply one of the best tea products for losing weight on the market today. Read Our Full KouTea Review

#2 Tea Tone Plus

Tea Tone Plus Weight Loss Tea CapsulesTea Tone Plus features all the benefits of healthy weight loss teas without having to drink cup after cup on a day to day basis. Tea Tone Tea mixes together all the ingredients of Green, Oolong and Pu-erh teas into one pill for maximum effectiveness. In addition to the teas, Tea Tone Plus also includes Razberi-K which is raspberry ketones that also help in reducing excess fat.

Burning away the excess fat is the main goal, but Tea Tone Plus also includes a number of healthy ingredients as well that supports good digestion, decreases the appetite and provides antioxidants to fight the free radicals in the body which cause premature aging as well as aggravate certain cancers and heart disease.

Tea Tone Plus avoids one of the biggest issues with drinking healthy teas, which is the amount that has to be consumed on a daily basis in order to enjoy the benefits. For most people, drinking one or two cups of tea per day is not an issue, but some healthy teas require five to six cups per day to get the full effect. Consuming that amount of tea can keep you near the bathroom quite a bit. However, Tea Tone Plus comes in tablet form so you only need to take it with meals. There is no running constantly to the bathroom with Tea Tone Plus.

Overall, Tea Tone Plus provides effective weight loss ingredients to help you burn the calories, improve your digestion, reduce your appetite and create a healthier you without having to diet or exercise. Tea Tone Plus really works. Read Our Full Tea Tone Plus Review

#3 Tava Tea

Tava Tea Weight Loss TeaTava tea is a blend of three different teas, Sencha, Oolong and Pu-erh, which provides many health benefits to the body, including burning away more fat. This makes Tava tea one of the best weight loss tea products on the market today.

The three teas contained in Tava tea help bolster the body’s ability to burn away the fat by raising the metabolism and preventing the insulin spikes that occur when carbohydrates are consumed. When insulin levels rise, the body tends to create and store more fat. Tava tea contains elements that keep the insulin levels in the body more even so additional fat is not stored.

In addition to the weight loss properties, Tava tea also provides many antioxidants that stop the free radicals in the body from doing more damage. Free radicals are known to cause premature aging as well as aggravate certain forms of cancer. By removing these free radicals, Tava tea helps keep the body looking and feeling younger while also providing protection against certain forms of cancer as well as heart disease. Tava tea also has demonstrated the ability to improve dental health as well.

When combined into a tasty tea that is perfect for lunch and dinner, Tava tea is one of the best, healthiest teas on the market today. Tava tea is easy to store, simple to make and one large bag can last for months meaning that the cost of losing weight may be less than ever thanks to this remarkable product. Tava tea is certainly one of the best weight loss teas on the market today and comes highly recommended. Read Our Full Tava Tea Review

#4 Cho-Yung Tea

Cho-Yung Weight Loss TeaBased on a Chinese recipe for tea that has been in use for over 400 years, Cho-Yung tea is one of the finest weight loss teas on the market today. Boasting a number of healthy ingredients, Cho-Yung tea can boost the metabolism, cleanse the body and even help the digestive process as well.

Cho-Yung tea has become a popular weight loss product that can be used with a healthy diet and exercise plan or it can work all on its own. Promoting natural weight loss through the use of healthy ingredients, Cho-Yung tea helps the body metabolize the fat and boost the metabolism as well. This approach helps people lose weight in a safe manner, but still provides plenty of nutrients, vitamins and other helpful ingredients boost the health of the body as well.

One of the more interesting aspects of Cho-Yung tea is how the ingredients work to improve the digestive process. By moving food through the system faster and more easily, you suffer from less constipation and feel healthier all over. The tea also cleanses the body of toxins as well which helps you feel better and your organs to operate more efficiently.

Cho-Yung tea goes well with lunch and dinner, making it the perfect weight loss supplement. It is easy to prepare and can be used on a daily basis to provide improvement to your health while dropping the excess weight. Cho-Yung tea comes highly recommended and is perfect for those who want a healthy, safe weight loss product that goes well with their diet. Read Our Full Cho-Yung Tea Review

Overall, weight loss teas have a powerful effect on the body, especially when combined with a healthy diet. However, even when working alone these weight loss teas can help regulate and manage the fat in your body and create a slimmer, healthier you.

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